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Welcome Address – LEMnet Europe e.V.

Von |2017-05-17T14:57:10+02:00Mai 12th, 2017|

Welcome Address eTourEurope 2017 The eTourEurope 2017 is again an outstanding opportunity to stand up for a boundless Europe and transformation of Transport into sustainable but Electric Mobility - shared by all Europeans due to common convictions. We want to help to move on with Climate change actions of Politicians, Governments, Parliaments and Civil [...]

Vattenfall is switching its whole car fleet to electric vehicles

Von |2017-03-02T13:24:47+02:00Februar 7th, 2017|

Over 3.500 passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles in Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany will be replaced by electric alternatives over a period of five years. With this important step Vattenfall takes a great leap forward towards its sustainable ambitions to be climate neutral by 2050. Vattenfall has been active in E-mobility since 2009 [...]

PlugSurfing & Sodetrel Launch Partnership to Enable Cross-Border EV Charging in France and Beyond

Von |2017-01-30T15:04:35+02:00Dezember 6th, 2016|

As of today, electric vehicle drivers using PlugSurfing can pay for charging at over 700 charging points in France. […]

80edays – crosses the Finish Line in Barcelona

Von |2016-11-27T12:06:25+02:00September 13th, 2016|

11 International Teams with 100% Electric Vehicles Successfully Crosses the Finish Line in Barcelona to Complete the 80-day Circumnavigation Challenge. Barcelona, Spain – The bottom line has been drawn to an electric vehicle (EV) journey for the ages which came to its conclusion a week ago. […]