eTourEurope – 9 Capitals – 9 Days – from 29th April to 08th Mai 2016 demonstrates long-distance performance and reliability of electric vehicles and commercial and public on-street fast charging infrastructure in the field. With an average daily mileage of 430 km and a total distance of over 3,900 km eTourEurope is the most challenging electric vehicle rally in Europe. By promoting regional Star Rides we invite electric vehicles from all over converge on set point to the capital cities eTourEurope aims to get 1,000 EVs rolling. 125 exhibitors will be showcasing their products and solutions to an expected 55,000 visitors at the 16 eMOBIL events. Visitors, politicians and media representatives can take test rides in electric vehicles free of charge at these shows.

Ubiquitous extension of fast charging network in Europe

In the last 12 months fast charging networks in France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria have been systematically extended along the motorways. Germany is in the process of doing the same and Hungary is about to start. This means that for the first time this year’s eTourEurope‘s participants can access an almost ubiquitous public fast charging network for recharging between the capitals. This is an important step forward in positive marketing of eMOBILity.

eTourEurope‘s Vehicles and Teams

The wide range of the 16 participating vehicles extends from our main sponsor Renault’s ZOE to Nissan’s Leaf to the electric, luxury limousine Tesla Model S. Scoring is according to category: C2 vehicles with a range of < 300 km (NEDC) and CO in open categories. The teams come from 9 different European countries. The winning team is the one to complete the rally in the shortest time (= driving plus charging time). Participants choose their routes and charging stations themselves.

1,000 EVs in Motion!

At eTourEurope we believe we need to get electric vehicles out of the showroom and on to the roads. The organisers would like to invite all EV drivers to the meeting points at the end of each leg of the star ride in the European capitals. At these get-togethers many EV drivers from all over Europe share and exchange information enthusiastically with other members of the e-community to which eTourEurope belongs. Participants in the star ride have two choices. They can either take part in a star ride to the set locations or in part of one leg of the eTour. Prospective participants can now register their own electric vehicles and join in this unique rally. „1,000 EVs in motion!“– is where we get together! With over 1,000 electric vehicles eTourEurope aims to become the biggest eMOBILity movement in Europe. In the run-up to the tour the organizer would like to thank the Cities’ authorities, our national partners, the electric car dealers and all exhibitors on the rally route for their tremendous support.

16 eMOBILity Events – Experience eMobility!

eMOBILity events take place in the capitals on the rally route. An anticipated 55,000 visitors can experience e-mobility in all its diversity at these unique shows with their over 125 exhibitors. They can test drive the latest electric cars for free to experience that new driving feel. The fact that public spaces in city centres stay cleaner and very quiet during these events meets with considerable approval from local communities and visitors. The Mayor of Munich and patron of the event Dieter Reiter will be at the start of the München eMOBIL at Odeonsplatz in Munich. The Stuttgart eMOBIL will then take place on Saturday 30/4/2016 in the courtyard of Celle Palace, the Ehrenhof am Schlossplatz, in Stuttgart with the First Mayor and also the patron Fritz Kuhn. The Celle eMOBIL is on Wednesday 4/5/2016 at Stechbahn, Celle in the presence of its patron Mayor Dirk-Ulrich Mende. Dresden’s eMOBIL with Mayor and patron Dirk Hilbert starts on 6/5/2016 at the Postplatz right next to the Zwinger building in Dresden. Salzburg’s eMOBIL on Sunday 8/5/2016 is the last stage of the tour, the finish line being in Niederalm where the Mayor of Anif Gabriella Gehmacher-Leitner will be present. Every mother who comes to the event in Niederalm in an electric vehicle will be given a Mother’s Day present.

Cutting Edge Technology makes the Difference

Innovations support eTourEurope:
The company Greenspider offers access to their tracking technology to each of the participating teams for the duration of the rally via the eTourEurope app. This will allow drivers to ascertain the position and speed of all other participants at any given time and to calculate their own travelling time for the score.
The organization LEMnet facilitates the finding of suitable charging points, multi-destination route planning and navigation. This ensures safer and faster completion of each stage of the rally.
The company ‘Cirrantic’ is developing an app to display the status of charging stations in real time and with which users can chat and exchange information directly thus actively supporting the e-community.

eTourEurope – be a part of it!

All photos at this link are freely available for use in connection with reports on and about the eTourEurope.