The second eTourEurope – 9 Capitals – 9 Days is from the 8th to 17th May 2015. The tour clearly demonstrates that with the current recharging infrastructure electric cars are definitely suitable for long-distance routes

. With an average daily mileage of 450 km and a total distance of over 4,000 km eTourEurope is technically the most challenging electric car rally in Europe. eTourEurope aims to get 1,000 EVs moving. The e-mobility events in the European capitals are the perfect medium for reaching the people, the media and the politicians.

Electric Cars and Teams eTourEurope 2015

The wide range of vehicles participating in eTourEurope extends from our main sponsor Renault’s ZOE to VW’s eGolf, BMW’s i3, Peugeot’s 106 and from Tesla’s sporty Roadster to Nissan’s e-NV200 and to the electric, luxury limousine, the Tesla Model S. Scoring according to categories: C2 vehicles with a range of < 250 km NEDC and CO in open categories. At the end of each day and leg of the rally the12 teams must arrive at the day’s target location by a set time in the evening. The choice of route and charging stops is left entirely to the participants. The final winning team is the one to finish the whole course in the shortest time.

1,000 EVs in motion! – Guinness Book of Records Attempt in Linz

At eTourEurope we believe that electric cars must be moved from the showrooms out to the people and on to the roads?’ The event organisers invite all electric cars drivers to the meeting points of the national ‘star rides’ in the European capitals at the stage locations. This year Renault is the main sponsor of the Community Project. An attempt of electric cars at the world record for the Guinness Book of Records is being held in Linz on 17/5/2015. It will be exciting to see whether Linz can come up with more than 161 electric cars to break Norway’s current record. Numerous enthusiastic EV drivers throughout Europe attend this biggest meeting within the EV Community wanting to share and exchange their experiences, they are part of eTourEurope. They either take part in a ‘star ride’ to the stage locations or follow the tour for one leg of the race.
Prospective participants can now register their own electric car and join in this unique rally. We ask drivers to plan their own particular national route so that the public recharging infrastructure for the competitors is not obstructed along the rally route. „1000 EVs in motion“– is where we get together.
Building on last year’s huge success eTourEurope aims to become the biggest e-mobility movement in the world –with over 1,000 electric cars. In the run-up to the tour the organisers would like to thank the cities’ authorities, our partners in the participating countries and the electric car dealers enroute for their tremendous support. The München eMOBIL will take place in München at the start of the tour on the 8th to 9th May 2015 and the Dresden eMOBIL on the 15th May 2015 in Dresden. The idea of making public spaces in city centres quieter and cleaner during this event tends to meet with considerable approval in the local communities. Two of our patrons, Dieter Reiter the Lord Mayor of Munich and Dirk Hilbert the Mayor of Dresden will be at the info events welcoming participants and visitors. Visitors to these unique exhibitions can experience e-mobility in all its diversity. If you want to try out the new driving feel you can test drive one of the latest electric cars for free.

Extension of Charging Infrastructure Forging Ahead

Drivers recharge their EV batteries mostly at public charging points deployed along each leg of the rally. This illustrates that driving long distances works well for many EVs even with the current prevailing infrastructure. It also shows clearly where the network has been successfully extended over the last 12 months and how accessibility has been made easier for EV drivers. The vehicles will again be recharged at night in the hotels of Radisson Blu and Park Inn by Radisson which are also sponsors of eTourEurope 2015.

Cutting Edge Technology Makes the Difference is offering access to their tracking technology to each of the participating teams for the entire race via the eTourEurope app. This will allow drivers to ascertain the position and speed of any of the participants at any given time and to calculate their own travelling time. facilitates the finding of suitable charging points, multi-destination route planning and navigation thus leading to safer and faster completion of each stage of the rally. LEMnet is putting this new technology at the disposal of all eTourEurope participants for the first time. The combination of these two leading technologies can optimize use of recharging infrastructure. This will reduce travelling time quite noticeably. The charging station website www.Chargelocator is running a competition the, ‘Chargelocator-Challenge’, to encourage teams to become actively involved in planning routes. The team which posts the most new charging stations on their site during the tour will win a cup and a monetary prize. Mitsubishi Motors is sponsoring 4 Plugin Hybrid Outlanders as escorts for the race. There will also be a trailer from the company AL-KO with a Wi-Fi hotspot for independent communication during the tour. In conjunction with ComBInation this shows the advantages of bidirectional charging under rally conditions and also supplies the electricity for the event from the vehicles independently. The tyres for the rally are provided by Bridgestone highlighting their proficiency in the field of energy saving tyres.

eTourEurope – be a part of it!


All the photos at this link are free to use together with reports for and on eTourEurope. Please cite Barbara Wilms as images‘ source.

About E-Mobility-Pioneer and Rally organizer Werner Hillebrand-Hansen

I am Werner Hillebrand-Hansen and together with my wife Marita Hansen and our team I organise the, the biggest EV rally in Germany. In fact 165 vehicles took part in it in 2014. In order to demonstrate long distance capability of electric vehicles Martin Hillebrand and I completed a 24 hour German record run of 1,054 km from Flensburg to Füssen in 2013. I also drove to Barcelona with Annette Schwabenhaus to the EVS 27 in a Renault ZOE, travelling 1,362 km in two days from Munich to Barcelona and passing through five countries. We were really impressed both by the reliability of the car and the recharging infrastructure over the whole course. I developed my fervour for e-mobility in 1990 when I modified a Vespa Ape turning it into a solar-powered vehicle in which I took part in the Tour de Sol in Switzerland. It was also around that time that I became a founding member and director of the solar power society in Freising the Verein Sonnenkraft Freising e.V. and then in 1993 of Stadt-Auto Freising e.V. I have been completely hooked on renewable energies and sustainable mobility ever since. The remarkable people I get to know and who I have the good fortune to work with inspire me every single day.


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