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eTukTuk PILGREENS - Ludwig Merz

Startnummer: 460
Fahrer: Ludwig Merz
Beifahrer: Remy Fernandes-Dandré
Ort: 86911 Diessen
Hersteller: TukTuk Factory
LeichtelektroMOBIL: eTukTuk “Limo”
Erstzulassung: 06-2015
Kilometerstand: 25.000 km
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 50 km/h
Neupreis: 12.500 € (car) + 12.500 € (bat)
Akku Kapazität: 36 kWh
Maximale Reichweite: 350 km
Alltags Reichweite: 250-300 km
Stromverbrauch: 10-12 kWh/100km (entspricht ca. 1,0-1,2 Liter Benzin)
Strombezug: Schuko, Privat
Sitzplätze: 1+3 (evtl. 1+6)


Mein nächstes Fahrzeug ist ein Elektroauto

The electric Tuk Tuk was bought in Mai 2015 from Tuk Tuk Taxi factory and handed over directly at their factory in Bangkok, Thailand.
After changing the battery (from acid to NMC-Lithium-Batteries that were imported from China) and adding a solar panel (local Thai Company) the vehicle was used on a 20.000 km electric journey over 120 days and across 15 countries from Bangkok, Thailand to Toulouse, France.
The 9 August 2015 Ludwig Merz, Karen Koulakian and Remy Fernandes-Dandré started in Thailand to cross Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Europe where they arrived in Paris the 4st of December 2015 (COP21) and afterwards at their home university in Toulouse.
The eTukTuk belongs to the association “The Pilgreens” based in Paris (promotion of electric mobility) and can also be rented for events within that cause.

Letzte Aktivität: Teilnahme eTourEurope 2016 und Vendée Energie Tour.

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